Thursday, July 29, 2010

Apparently not all "diversity" is welcome at public universities

I wonder if liberals/secularists understand how this could come back to bite them. If one opinion can be blacklisted then any opinion can receive the same treatment. There are plenty of atheists who consider religious belief to be at least a mental flaw if not a sign of mental illness, should they be banned from receiving mental health degrees because they might traumatize their religious patients? Better yet, should people who have these views about religion be banned from becoming teachers because they might take their bias out on their students? It is possible to counsel somebody with whom you disagree, and I'm sure that this young woman would have been a wonderful counselor to all of her students whether gay or straight. This school is obviously trying to create a consensus that doesn't exist by expelling everybody who doesn't agree with them, and that's never a good thing for an educational institution to do. I hope that some other more courageous school gives this young woman a place, and that her lawyers sue the school for enough money to give any other institution pause when they consider this sort of action in the future.

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