Sunday, May 2, 2010

It is my hope that this blog can become a place to talk about the issues of the day from a Catholic perspective. I sometimes feel as if I am stuck between two forces in society, criticized by extreme conservatives for not bowing to Republican policies on torture and the death penalty and by extreme liberals for not supporting abortion and gay marriage. I also feel that this split has affected the Church, with one side supporting women/homosexual priests and a liberal attitude toward abortion and birth control while the other side supports anything that comes from the Republican agenda and considers Christian charity toward non-Catholics to be heresy. Those of us in the middle, allied as we are with the Bishops who should be the unquestioned voice of the Church in this country, feel as if we are besieged and our status as "true followers of Christ" is questioned from all sides. To conservatives we are too willing to enter into dialogue with the world, and to liberals we are too unwilling to acquiesce to the world's demands. It is this disconnect, this position outside of the assumed left/right dichotomy that defines our society, that makes the Church so important to our culture and its future. It is this outside status, derided by all and trusted by none, that makes the Church a voice for those who are ignored by the political structures that exist throughout the world.

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