Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This is a bad omen for the direction in which our world is heading

While I obviously don't think that every abortion supporter would condone such a horrible thing, nor do I think that every abortion provider and referrer would commit such actions, there seems to be a thin line between "this is something that should be available" and "I think that certain people should be forced to do this, and I should be allowed to decide who" in some people's minds. Not only did they coerce a minor into killing her child, using the threat of losing custody of her other child, but they disregarded the authority of her guardian and actually took her across state lines (a crime last I heard) because they couldn't procure the abortion legally in her home state. The message that this sends is that the government can force you to kill your child, regardless of your "choice" or the choice of your parent or guardian. A government that can't even give a child Tylenol without a parent's permission and can't set a broken bone if a child's guardian is a Christian Scientist who doesn't believe in medical intervention can force that child to take a human life without so much as asking permission.

This is where we're heading in the United States, it's been moving that way since long before Obama was elected and it will continue long after he's left office if we don't stop it. There is a reason why the Church has always objected to abortion, not only because it is a wrong in itself but also because it leads to other things that are also wrong. We were told that abortion would eliminate child abuse and other sorts of domestic violence, and yet these things have skyrocketed since the early 70s even as we kill millions of children every year. Not only this, but the "disposable people" mentality inherent in abortion has led to an increase in many other forms of violence and disregard for human life. Would we be moving toward legalizing euthanasia if we hadn't opened the door with abortion? Would we have so many instances of girls throwing their children in dumpsters if those girls didn't make the logical movement from disregard for pre-birth children to disregard for post-birth children? A society that despises purity despises its own children, or so I've heard, and a society that kills its own children is a society without a future.

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